Eastwood Energy was founded by a group of investors who have rich experiences in plastic bags manufacturing, rubber plantation, and banking industry over a decade. We have recognized the effect of global warming caused by negative impact of traditional fossil fuels and the increasing demand for substitute fuels in both small and large scale industrial sectors.

The factory is located in Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam, about 70km from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. It has started operation since 2014 and been supplying pellet and wood chip fuels to domestic and foreign countries including Korea and Japan.

At Eastwood Energy, we take sustainability seriously. Our materials comes from well-managed woodland resources, our own plantation, and wood by-products from the surrounding areas.

Previously, the company’s old name was “Duc Bon Bien Chon Thanh” or “DBB Energy”. As of June 06, 2016, the company name has changed to “Eastwood Energy”. The new name reflects the strategic plan of the founders over company’s long-term direction.